In the News: Recent Developments
In Memoriam: Santa Natalie Fichera, 1925-2013

My mother, Santa Natalie Fichera, died Saturday December 14, 2013 in the early morning hours at the ... Read more.

Mandela and Traveling “Great” Distances

In the early 90′s, as South Africa was transitioning to freedom, I traveled there several times as... Read more.

In Memoriam: Sebastian Joseph Fichera, 1920-2013

My father, Sebastian Joseph Fichera died today on his 93rd birthday on August 18, 2013 He was the on... Read more.

Chief Justice John Roberts Bipartisan Challenge

The Democratic party is missing a tremendous chance to change the tone in Washington by not praising... Read more.

Gabby’s recovery

It is 1 week to the hour that I learned of the attack on my friend Gabby Gifford. I find it hard to ... Read more.

Words have meaning

Words have meaning. Gabby’s opponents have been reckless in their use of emotionally charged words... Read more.

Thanksgving 2010

Today, generations from the Greatest to the Boomers to Generations X, Y and Z, will sit together and... Read more.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas…

Ralph Blaine wrote the poem/lyrics in 1943 but it touches us today/tonight/tomorrow:.. “Have yours... Read more.

I Will Remember You

The Emmy show just presented to the song “I Will Remember You” images of TV icons that have died... Read more.