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Saber Partners has a unique combination of investment banking, and corporate financial management experience. Our experience allows us to initiate, evaluate or assist in the implementation of significant strategic initiatives. We specialize in the power industry and corporate finance issues. Our senior management and advisers have decades of experience in finance, government and related industries, and our clients receive senior-level attention through all stages of an assignment.

As a highly specialized and independent firm, Saber Partners does not have the conflict of interest inherent in larger, more diverse firms that also pursue underwriting from current and future clients. We focus exclusively on achieving the maximum benefit for our clients, by analyzing, advising and overseeing the implementation of the most favorable financing for their strategic goals.

Independent and Innovative Services

Saber Partners provides confidential, independent, senior level analysis, advice and execution for Chief Executive Officers, Regulators, Chief Financial Officers, Treasurers and others.

These services include:
  • Analysis of the actions of a competitor, regulated entity or an industry segment
  • Advice on capital market proposals, financing structures and offering strategies
  • Negotiation of terms and conditions with underwriters, lenders and institutional investors
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of differing financial, merger or acquisition strategies
  • Evaluation of specific investment banking proposals
  • Initiation of opportunistic financings
  • Development of proposals for a merger or acquisition/divestiture of assets
  • Presentation of expert testimony in regulatory proceedings on the cost of capital
  • Analysis of compliance with securities laws, rules and regulation