In the News: Recent Developments
A Modest Proposal: Compensation and Securities Law Enforcement

The Federal Reserve does not need to break up big banks. There’s a better way to incentivize good ... Read more.

SEC Changes Tone on Muni Issuers and Fair Dealing Enforcement

New SEC Muni Enforcement Chief Signals Big Change in Enforcement Actions to Protect Municipal Issuer... Read more.

In Memoriam: Santa Natalie Fichera, 1925-2013

My mother, Santa Natalie Fichera, died Saturday December 14, 2013 in the early morning hours at the ... Read more.

Mandela and Traveling “Great” Distances

In the early 90′s, as South Africa was transitioning to freedom, I traveled there several times as... Read more.

The “You Can Keep Your Health Plan” Pledge

The President was wrong when he said you could keep your health care plan under the Affordable Care ... Read more.

Obama-Biden or Clinton 2012

A new book (“Double Down”) says that Obama’s campaign staff explored the option of dumping Joe... Read more.

In Memoriam: Sebastian Joseph Fichera, 1920-2013

My father, Sebastian Joseph Fichera died today on his 93rd birthday on August 18, 2013 He was the on... Read more.

Chief Justice John Roberts Bipartisan Challenge

The Democratic party is missing a tremendous chance to change the tone in Washington by not praising... Read more.

Gabby’s recovery

It is 1 week to the hour that I learned of the attack on my friend Gabby Gifford. I find it hard to ... Read more.

Words have meaning

Words have meaning. Gabby’s opponents have been reckless in their use of emotionally charged words... Read more.

Securing the Grid: Intelligent Financing Creates New Options for Grid Modernization

Intelligent financing creates new options for grid modernization By Michael Ebert and Joseph Fichera... Read more.

Thanksgving 2010

Today, generations from the Greatest to the Boomers to Generations X, Y and Z, will sit together and... Read more.

Bloomberg Washington Summit: Reform corporate governance and the way governments access the capital markets

On Thursday November 12, Bloomberg LP is hosting a “Washington Summit.” http://www.bloombergwash... Read more.


About this time on 9/11/01 two of my colleagues and I had safely walked up the West Side Highway fro... Read more.

“Targeted tax cuts are government programs”

Martin Feldstein wrote an important op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journalyou might have overlooked.... Read more.

“But everybody is doing it.” Denver Board of Education and Synthetic Fixed Rate Swaps

As I noted in Friday’s (8/6/10) front page NY Times article attached, the Denver Board of Educatio... Read more.

The Swaps That Swallowed Your Town

Here is a NYT article by top financial journalist, Gretchen Morgenson: difficult topic, written in e... Read more.

Happy New Year

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said “Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea never regains its orig... Read more.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas…

Ralph Blaine wrote the poem/lyrics in 1943 but it touches us today/tonight/tomorrow:.. “Have yours... Read more.

Fichera Proposes Independent Staff for Corporate Boards

Joseph Fichera, chief executive officer at Saber Partners LLC, speaks about corporate governance and... Read more.

World peace is not an achievement but a process.

President Obama just received the Nobel Peace Prize. As Americans, we pride ourselves on being the m... Read more.

I Will Remember You

The Emmy show just presented to the song “I Will Remember You” images of TV icons that have died... Read more.

The Risks, Benefits and Responsibilities of Issuing Ratepayer Obligation Charge Bonds in Securitization

Remarks before the Florida Public Service Commission Thank you for the opportunity to address the Co... Read more.