In the News: Recent Developments

The Office of the People’s Counsel is an independent agency of the District of Columbia government.

By law, the Office advocates for consumers of natural gas, electric, and telephone services. The Office also represents the interests of District utility ratepayers before the DC Public Service Commission, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Federal Communications Commission, other utility regulatory bodies, and the courts.

In 2014, the Office of the People’s Counsel chose Saber Partners, LLC to advise them on the proposed financing of the Washington DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) and the Potomac Electric Company’s (PEPCO) Triennial Underground Infrastructure Improvement Plan.

Saber Partners, LLC provided financial analysis of PEPCO Triennial Plan in relation to cost recovery, rate design, and rate base. Additionally, Saber Partners assisted in preparing discovery, hearing preparation, cross-examining witnesses and drafting pleadings. Analysis entailed ascertaining the justness, reasonableness and prudency (or lack thereof as the case may be) of PEPCO and DDOT’s Triennial Plan. In addition, Saber Partners will ensure that the proper structuring of the financing order, verification of all qualified costs, delineation the proper role of the Commission’s financial advisor and to make sure that the bonds were sold at the lowest cost to ratepayers.