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Our principals and advisors are widely respected for their experience and knowledge of current financial topics and issues. This is a space where we will periodically post opinions and analysis which may be of interest.

The S.E.C. Should Copy the D.M.V.

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Bloomberg View Reader Comments and Discussion with author Joseph S. Fichera concerning "Were Detroit's Swaps Unfair?"

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Were Detroit's Swaps Unfair?

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Price Transparency and the ABS Market

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Take Your Board's "Game" To a Higher Level

Michael L. NoŽl discusses why peer-to-peer evaluations are an important component of the board evaluation process.

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Auction Rate Securities Need Reform, Not Just Redemption: Practical Solutions for a Broken Market

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Can Environmental Control Bonds Emerge in Europe?

Joseph S. Fichera discusses the future of new environmental laws.

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Market Rejuvenation = National Municipal Bond Exchange

Joseph S. Fichera discusses the future of municipal bonds.

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Treasury Should Use New Powers to Invest in Muni ARS

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How Can Directors Become Truly Independent?

Joseph S. Fichera proposes an innovative way to make corporate directors more independent and effective by providing them with better information.

Reprinted from Q2 - A Publication of the Yale School of Management, Fall 2007.
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Treasury Should Use New Powers to Invest in Muni ARS

Published in The Bond Buyer, May, 16, 2014.
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Of Money and Merit: The Upside Down Effects of Wall Street's Bonus System

An early examination of Wall Street's compensation system and how it has led to today's management problems.
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Making Matters Worse: Auction Rate Securities

An early examination of Citicorp, American Airlines, Chase Manhattan and the risks of Dutch Auction Rate Securities.
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Lowering Environmental and Capital Costs with Ratepayer-Backed Bonds

This is a reprint of an article published in Natural Gas & Electricity
© 2007, February, Wiley Periodicals, Inc.,
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Grid modernization monetization: Long-term ratepayer obligation charge bonds may provide answers

Published in Intelligent Utility, March/April, 2011
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Securing the grid: Intelligent financing creates new options for grid modernization

Published in Intelligent Utility, December 6, 2010
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Street Smart: A Road Map for the Investment Banking Analyst

A guide to succeeding as a Wall Street analyst by Joseph S. Fichera. First published in Princeton University's Business Today.
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A Rising Tide: Do Utility Securitizations Have a Future?

Joseph Fichera examines the recent Texas Transition Bonds issue as a model for Utility Securitizations. Published in Asset Securitization Report, February 14, 2005.
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2003 Deal of the Year Award

The utility stranded cost financing for Oncor Electric Delivery in conjunction with Saber's client, the State of Texas, was a landmark transaction, credited with revitalizing investor interest in an entire sector. Saber's efforts were recognized and honored when the deal was awarded Deal of the Year for 2003 by Asset Securitization Report.
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Board Transformation: Does Change Have A Chance?

Michael Noël coauthored this article for the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) magazine "Directors Monthly.".
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The State of Utility Securitization

Stranded Costs and Other Tariff-Based Financings — Opportunities, Risks and Rewards.
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You Call That Debt?

Washington’s bond sellers should take a lesson from corporate treasurers and develop callable debt issues. Joseph S. Fichera and Charles M. Jones published in Barron’s.
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Uncle Sam, Venture Capitalist

Joseph S. Fichera and Robert M. Rubin analyse problems with U.S. State Department investment policies in Eastern Europe. Published in The Wall Street Journal.
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California Energy Interviews

Our principals are often called upon by the press to comment on current financial issues. Below are two interviews Joseph Fichera gave on the subject of California energy financing.
CNN Financial News Network - Street Sweep, December 19, 2001 - April 30, 2002

Why is Wall Street Waiting?

An analysis of the stranded-cost issue in the utility industry. Joseph S. Fichera published in Electrical World.
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1991 Deal of the Year Award - Repairing Failed Auction Rate Securities

An example of our previous experience with developing innovative financial instruments. Published in Institutional Investor.
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Dow-Jones Irwin Library of Investment Banking

Joseph S. Fichera provided chapters on remarketed preferred stocks and corporate tax-exempt financing.
Corporate Tax-Exempt Financing
Preferred Stock: Advantages of Remarketed Preferred

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