Gabby’s recovery

January 15, 2011 by: Joseph S. Fichera

It is 1 week to the hour that I learned of the attack on my friend Gabby Gifford. I find it hard to return to “normal” chats here and elsewhere. But the miracles of prayers with her progress gives us hope. The discussion that has ensued is not about blame. It is about behavior. Those with access to a public forum (indeed a national forum) speak both to the serious and the delirious. They/we have a special responsibility not to speak recklessly, without regard for our words. Words have meaning. We can’t distance ourselves from those meanings and must act responsibly. A direct connection from a to b is not the point. The point is that our leaders must behave responsibly and not in hyperbole precisely because they are our leaders or they seek to lead us. So now we must carry on hopefully wiser and continue prayer for Gabby’s recovery.

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